Sunken Treasure (Literally Big Money follow up)

The real deal!

A reader who enjoyed Literally Big Money has just sent me this, taken by an Australian scuba diver off Yap in 2008. The famous story of the Rai that fell overboard while being shipped to Yap from Palau appears to be true! I’m delighted, but also telling myself not to get too excited or start booking plane tickets. The Rai in the story in William Henry Furness’s book is described as a large one and there is nothing to show the scale in this picture (which means, if it is actually small, my own theory that there could be numerous sunken rai on the ocean floor around Yap could be correct). I also know nothing at all about marine archaeology/geology so there is a chance that it could a very coincidental natural rock. However, I sincerely hope it is the real thing and if anyone is reading this on Yap and owns some diving equipment, please go and check!

Many thanks to the reader who forwarded me the link, which you can see with full details here:

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