The Lost Libraries Archive

TLLA Cov jpg

After a longer wait than I’d planned, volume 2 of ‘The Erik Midgard Case Files’ is available now on Amazon. The first chapter (with more to follow) is also available to read for free here. Thanks again to everyone who read The Time Traveller’s Ball. I hope this one is just as enjoyable.

Who would want to kill a time travelling librarian?
At the Solar System’s greatest university on the moon, a group of historians and their students are using time travel to save the great libraries of early civilisations. Travelling back to times before these libraries were destroyed, they are using advanced technology to secretly record the contents of all the books and bringing the data safely back to the present. They have saved the entire collections of the libraries of Alexandria, Ctesiphon, Nalanda, the Serapeum, the House of Wisdom and the Mayan libraries of the Yucatan and have many more still to save. They have already learnt countless new facts about the civilisations that created these libraries and the project has so far been an unqualified success. But when the professor who started the project is found stabbed, it very quickly becomes clear to time travelling police detectives Erik Midgard and Mirabi Arjuna that something else is going on. Fresh from their success at the Time Traveller’s Ball, this should be a straightforward murder investigation. But Erik is burdened with new knowledge that suggests he may not have escaped his predicted destiny after all and – even if they can solve the professor’s murder – he may not live long enough to enjoy it.

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